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Our Products

We use fresh cheeses made by Cabot, Macadam & Yancy’s Fancy to make our grilled cheese melts. The taste of these cheeses, made by cheese makers in New York and Vermont, makes each of our melts unique and shows our commitment to local farmers throughout the region.

From our signature cheese blend in the Say Cheese to the unique flavors in the Tuscan, each and every melt is made with the finest ingredients available. At Capitol Melts, we take the time to ensure that the quality of each of our melts meets the highest standards of flavor and freshness.

Capitol Melts has built a menu to appeal to all tastes. Starting with a breakfast that includes exceptional melts like the Maple Sunrise and the Southwest, Capitol Melts continues to lunch with the Wingless Buffalo and Bacon Cheeseburger melts. Don't forget to try the exclusive Chicken Pesto Pizza Melt while you're here!


136 State Street, Albany NY